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Connecting to Cloud SQL from VM Instances on Google Cloud Platform

I recently just completed a Coursera course on GCP Fundamentals and this gave me more opportunity to explore additional tools provided by Google Cloud Platform. Shall we begin.. Setup VM Instance with Static IP Google Compute Engine delivers virtual machines running in Google’s innovative data centers. We’ll be deploying an instance in Google’s infrastructure and assigning a Static IP address to it. What’s a Static IP? A static external IP address is an external IP address that is reserved for your project until you decide to release it. If you have an IP address that your customers or users rely on to access your service, you can reserve that IP address so that only your project can use it. Creating a VM Instance + Static IP Login to your GCP Console, click on the Navigation Menu and Scroll down to Compute Engine section, hover your mouse over it and Select VM Instances. Click on Create Instance and enter desired values / use defaults as below: Please do not click on Create yet, let’…

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