Betahub is an open source social network for developers built with Python using the Django Web Framework. The project has three basic apps:
  • Feed (A Microblog)
  • Articles (A collaborative blog)
  • Question & Answers (A platform for users to ask/reply to questions)
  • Network (A Page(s) to view users all registered users on the site)
  • O.S. Projects (External link to Betahub github account )
  • CinC (External link to 'Career in Computing' - an eLearning platform for learning to code)

Feed App

The Feed app has infinite scrolling, activity notifications, live updates for likes and comments, and comment tracking.

Articles App

The Articles app is a basic blog, with articles pagination, tag filtering and draft management.

Question & Answers App

The Q&A app works just like Stack Overflow. You can mark a question as favorite, vote up or vote down answers, accept an answer and so on.

Network Page

A Network Page listing out all registered users on the site, showing their profiles.

O.S. Projects

Open Source (O.S.) Projects links externally to a github account with projects from the Betahub community.


An external link to Career in Computing where anyone can learn more abouting computing/coding in various ways.

Technology Stack

  • Python 2.7 / 3.5
  • Django > 1.9
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • jQuery 2
  • CinC : Moodle CMS


To contribute to any of our projects or platforms, kindly fork this repo and make a pull request or reach out to us at:

Access here now:


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