Weekly Tech Updates

Here are this week's three links that are worth your time:

1. Google just released a free course on how to build Progressive Web Apps (self-paced):https://fcc.im/2ppTsz9

2. Yesterday America's FCC announced a campaign to kill Net Neutrality. Hundreds of tech companies signed open letters urging the FCC to leave Net Neutrality alone. Here's why Net Neutrality is so important (26 minute read): https://fcc.im/2qcdaPw

3. Real ways to improve your SEO without trying to cheat the system (15 minute read):https://fcc.im/2p50Yil

Bonus: A Carnegie Mellon researcher developed a way to automatically convert old 2D Nintendo games into 3D (16 minute watch): https://fcc.im/2oNcRWV

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Happy coding!

- Quincy Larson


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