Setting up a Remote Development Server - Part 1

It's almost a month since I received the Github Student Developer Pack, and I'm always getting to find out newer stuffs about the included developer tools.
Would probably write about those soon.

Here's a full list of the developer tools and how to apply.

Back to our topic, I wanted to work on something cool using android studio (Size: 1,893 MB) but I figured I had too much to install and I couldn't wait till I get enough data, also didn't wanted to face the various dependency issues with my Linux machine.

I'll be giving a few instructions below;
Since Google Cloud Platform also offers a $300 free credits to use their cloud services, I created a Windows Instance from Compute Engine (screenshot below)
I used GCP cause I could even use more Storage (e.g. 500GB as I'm presently using) while still in the free tier unlike AWS 30GB.

Connecting to the Instance would have been easier if I was using a Windows Machine by installing various third party RDP tools.

Instead I had to use the Chrome RDP connection tool.

Full Instructions here

While attempting to connect , you might be prompted for the following, use the values provided:
IP ADDRESS: **Server Public IP**
DOMAIN: **Leave Blank**
USERNAME: **Name used while creating acct **
PASSWORD: (Instructions below)

To generate a instance for your password, Click on the Cloud Shell Icon at the top;

 Type: gcloud compute reset-windows-password **instance-name**

Where:  **instance-name** is your instance name.

NB: You will be prompted for the zone, you can check that out on your instance dashboard.

Voila!, Password is created and can be used along with your RDP software.

That's a look of my Remote Desktop, you can see I've got alot installed, the fact that I don't get to use my Internet to download does make it really cool ;-)

Let me know what you think...


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