Setting Up a Remote Development Server - Part 2

Hola, following my initial post on Setting Up a Remote Development Server or PC (as you'll like to call it ) ;-) , I'll be noting a few out of many things you could do with it.

I'll also be making mention of  wonderful tool, Chocolatey - A package manager for Windows (It's similar to apt-get for Ubuntu/Debian Users).

You should be aware that while still on the GCP Free tier, you could have an Instance with your desired RAM  and HDD size (16GB and 1TB isn't bad).

  • Android Development: The android SDK and development tools setup could really be a headache, with Choco you can easily install JDK, Gradle, Android-Sdk. You can then proceed to use your IDE of choice. This steps also works for the Cordova/Phonegap, NativeScript and React Native Developers .

  • Visual Studio Developers: Microsoft released a free edition of wonderful tools, downloading them locally might take some time, especially for those willing to use tools like Xamarin.

  • Game Developers: If you're into Game Development with Unity3D or Unreal Engine, you'll be happy to know you can also develop your games on the cloud.

  • JavaScript / Nodejs Developers: Lovers of Javascript Frameworks would always need to install some dependencies from npm or yarn before bundling, you could use a remote system from development down till deployment.

  • Storing your files to Cloud: You don't have to be a developer to want to do this, and common users could stick to Dropbox, Google Drive and the likes. But If you'd love to store more files without really having a limit and also access them remotely when needed, I think you should consider this.

You could send the final build to your local system for full testing from your email. Feel free to ask any questions. I'll also like to know what else you can do with your remote PC :-)

Thanks for reading.


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